Trivago Hotels

Anyone who is interested in saving money while traveling – or alternatively, anyone who watches a lot of TV – has heard of the website Trivago by now, along with its powerful hotel price search engine. The company, originally founded in Germany in 2005, has been big in the European market for quite a while and quickly expanded to the rest of the world.

It has taken a little longer to catch on in the United States, perhaps because of the domestic competitor Kayak (whose growth appears to have stagnated), but by this point, most people in the states will hear the name Trivago and say it sounds familiar, even if they can’t say exactly what it is.

Trivago, largest hotel price comparison tool

Trivago has quickly become the largest hotel price comparison tool on the internet today, no matter how you look at it: in terms of monthly users, number of hotels available for search, yearly revenue, etc. For consumers looking to find “the ideal hotel for the best price”, you’ll be interested to know that there are more than 1 million hotels in Trivago’s database, in over 190 countries all around the world, and 55 international sites available in 33 different languages.

trivago hotels

Here’s the basic premise of if you’re trying to find a hotel room, and are comparison shopping to find the best deal, you might look at the same “deluxe king city view” room on the hotel’s website directly,, Priceline, Expedia… and you might come out with 4 different prices for the exact same room. Which makes you wonder, even if you pick the lowest price of those 4 options, is there a lower price out there somewhere that you’re missing?

So what Trivago does is give you a way to comparison shop more than 250 travel websites for the hotel room you want with just one click, so you can be sure you’re getting the absolute lowest price available for that room at that moment, and save a lot of time and headaches in the process.

It’s important to realize that, unlike discount travel websites like Booking, Expedia, etc., you can’t book a hotel room with Trivago. The site is merely an independent comparison site that will show you which other websites are advertising the lowest prices; then, you can link to those websites to book your hotel room, knowing that you got the best price online.

The site is intuitive and easy to use, and if you need help, you can just watch a Trivago TV commercial – the so-called “Trivago guy” will explain exactly how to search for what you want.