USA: Find the best hotels in the United States

Planning a trip anywhere in the United States can be a daunting task, mostly because there are so many places to choose from! After you’ve settled on a destination, you shouldn’t have to spend hours comparing hotels and trying to find the best price, too.

And thanks to, the number 1 hotel comparison site in the world will make sure you get the lowest advertised price on whichever hotel you choose! So, whether your destination is NYC or Hawaii, San Francisco or New Orleans, simply head over to Trivago and enter the city you’re interested in.

USA hotel prices on

One quick note about you can use it to search for hotels anywhere in the world, not just the USA, but its default settings are for people who live in the US. In other words, prices will show up in US dollars, and the default language is English (with Spanish as a secondary option). So if you are traveling to the United States from, say, United Kingdom and want to see prices in GBP, then you might want to start your search at In any case, you can select virtually any currency you want from, so it’s no big deal. usa

Once you have typed in your desired city on, the next step is to select the dates you’ll be staying in the hotel. Trivago has more than 1 million hotels in its database all over the world, so you’re probably going to end up with more results that you can possibly look through. Fortunately, you can narrow that list down and find your perfect hotel using a wide variety of filters.

You can filter by how many stars the hotel has, its user rating, price, and the availability of different amenities. In other words, if you need a 4-star hotel in Miami Beach with free Wi-Fi, a pool, and easy access to the beach, Trivago can most likely find it for you. Obviously if you add too many filters you might be asking for something that literally doesn’t exist – like a 5-star in South Beach for less than $200 per night (not gonna happen!).

Now, here’s the thing about Trivago: it’s a search and comparison tool only, not a website that you can use to make a hotel reservation. But it’s easy to book your hotel once you find it; just click on the big green button and you’ll be sent to whichever site is offering the best price!