Trivago Guy: Meet Tim Williams

When Tim Williams was cast as the “friendly, relatable” spokesman for the hotel comparison site Trivago, no one expected he would become something of a TV phenomenon – least of all Tim himself. But shortly after Trivago aired their first TV commercial with Tim in it, a veritable firestorm on social media ensued.

Before long, he was the #TrivagoGuy. Trivago was equally surprised – they were going for someone relatable, approachable, and they were aware of a few “wardrobe malfunctions” that occurred the day the ad was shot, but it was all a happy accident.

Thousands took to Twitter, either commenting about how sexy the Trivago Guy was, or how he needed to shave his stubble and put on a belt. Tim’s appearance in the commercial is pretty unconventional. If you haven’t seen his first ad yet, he’s a realistically handsome fellow who appears to be in his late 40s to early 50s, with graying hair and blue eyes.

His hair is a bit floppy, although not really disheveled, and he is sporting a three-day stubble, a grayish brown button-down shirt and black jeans. The shirt doesn’t seem to fit him very well, and the top two buttons are undone, for a strange V-neck look. And while the shirt is tucked into his jeans, there is no belt to be seen.

trivago guy

A story behind Trivago Guy

There’s a story behind the rough appearance as far as hair and beard go. Although the Trivago Guy is originally from Houston, TX, he had recently moved to Germany to work on a German soap opera, on which he plays a rock star. There wasn’t enough time between the Trivago shoot and his next soap opera shoot, so the hair and stubble had to stay.

As for the belt, apparently Trivago had intended for Tim to wear a belt all along, but when it came time to shoot, none of the belts they had fit in the belt loops on his pants! Ultimately, the Trivago Guy was the impetus behind feminist though pieces on gender expectations in the media as well as fan fiction (which I imagine is a bit on the raunchy side), plus, you know… getting his own hashtag.

Trivago has since brought Tim back for another commercial, with a slightly more polished look, and the Twitter response has been positive. Well, for the most part anyway: “The #TrivagoGuy got a new shirt and haircut! Still, would it kill him to shave?”