(Hong Kong): Compare the best deals on Trivago

If you live in Hong Kong and want to take advantage of the internet’s best hotel comparison tool, Trivago, you’re in luck. Trivago operates country-specific sites in around 50 countries, with Hong Kong being one of them:

Now, that’s not to say you can’t use the regular if you live in HK, but there are a couple of benefits to using in terms of convenience. First and most importantly, you get the exact same functionality and the ability to search hundreds of travel websites to find the lowest price on the hotel room you want.

But it’s convenient when a website automatically knows which currency you want prices to be shown in, and what language to use. In the case of Trivago.HK, the default currency setting is Hong Kong Dollars (although you can choose another currency if you prefer), and the default language is English (but you can easily toggle to standard written Chinese if you’re more comfortable that way).

trivago hong kong

How to use

When you arrive to the landing page for Trivago Hong Kong, you’ll see an almost blank screen with a single search bar, where you will type in the city or area in which you want to book a hotel room. And don’t worry – using doesn’t mean you can only look for hotels in Hong Kong. You can enter just about any destination you want, whether it’s Kowloon, Seoul or Paris.

After you’ve entered your destination and chosen the dates of your stay, a preliminary list of hotels that are available will be displayed. This list is likely to have hundreds or even thousands of hotels to choose from – how can you possibly pick the best one?

Trivago has everything taken care of. You have tons of different filters and ways to sort the hotels in your results, so you can narrow things down based on what you want in your ideal hotel. For example, you can choose to only look at 4- and 5- star hotels, and filter out any results that don’t have free Wi-Fi available.

You can get rid of hotels that have low ratings, and decide whether you want your results sorted by distance to a particular location, by price, or some other factor. When you find your perfect hotel, you can link through Trivago or Trivago app to the website that is offering rooms at the lowest price. That’s why their motto is “the ideal hotel at the best price”!