Trivago: Holidays at the best price

Summer holidays might be over, but now is the perfect time to start planning a winter holiday! Whether you want to travel out of town to visit relatives, go on a ski holiday or get a break from the chilly weather and head to a tropical beach in the Caribbean, you’re going to need a hotel to stay at. So no matter where you decide to go on holiday, make sure you take a look at Trivago to make sure you get the best possible price on your hotel room.

Trivago’s hotel price comparison tool

The idea behind Trivago is simple, and will sound immediately familiar to anyone who has ever gone comparison shopping for hotels before. You might find the perfect hotel for your trip, and you check a few different discount travel websites to get a lower price on it. And what you find is that they all have different prices for the exact same room! How on earth are you supposed to know you found the real lowest price when there are so many sites to check?

trivago hollidays

Trivago’s hotel price comparison tool is the solution to this common problem. It’s a meta search engine, which means it scans other websites and will report to you what the lowest published price was, and who advertised it. Since Trivago searches through over 200 different travel sites, you can rest easy knowing that you really got the lowest available price.

Trivago is also perfect for people who know where they want to go on holiday, but haven’t decided on a specific hotel yet. By entering the city you want to stay in and your travel dates, you’ll get hundreds or even thousands of potential hotels, along with dozens of filters to narrow that list down until you find your perfect hotel. It’s really simple and honestly quite fun to use!

You can also get country-specific Trivago sites depending on where you live. For example, UK residents can use, in Ireland you would use, and in Australia your site is The tool is exactly the same – the main benefit is that your hotel search results will automatically show prices in your country’s currency (although you can change it if you like), and the site will be in your country’s most common language. Plus, if one of the many sites that Trivago searches isn’t available in your country, it shouldn’t be included in your results.