(Ireland): Find the Best Hotel, Search and Compare

Anyone who lives in Ireland has most likely already heard of the hotel comparison site, Trivago. After all, it started out as a European company (founded in Germany) and Europe has continued to be its largest market. But what you might not be aware of is that Trivago has a specific site for Irish residents, This site has all the same functionality as or any of the other 50-aught country-specific sites, but makes a few assumptions about people searching from Ireland that make the process quite a bit more convenient.

Like I said, the hotel comparison site is essentially the same as Trivago’s other sites, but it will assume that your preferred language is English, and that you want prices displayed in Euro. And since Trivago has more than 250 different discount hotel websites that it searches to find the lowest possible price, if any of those sites aren’t available for booking in Ireland for some reason, they wouldn’t be included in your results (that would just be cruel). Just little details that make your search experience faster, easier and more convenient.

How to use

If you have an idea about where you’d like to go on holiday, chances are that you can find the perfect hotel room at the lowest price using Whether you want to stay close to home and spend a night or two in Cork or Waterford, or take the trip of a lifetime in Tokyo or Buenos Aires, just plug in the area that you’re interested in. ireland

After you enter the dates that you will want to check in and out of the hotel, will give you a long list of hotels that are in the area you want to visit. It’s possible that you will end up with hundreds to choose from, and this is where Trivago’s filters come in very handy. You can cull that list down quickly and easily, filtering out the 2- and 3-star hotels, only including hotels with a pool, or any number of specifications.

You can also specify how far away the hotel should be from the city center, and sort your results by price, distance, or user rating. Before you know it, your list of 600 results is down to a very reasonable 6. And whichever hotel room you end up picking, Trivago will show you the website that is offering it at the lowest price, so you can go there and make your reservation.